community gardens

Cultivating community for social and ecological transformation

The challenges we face (environmental, economic, social, humanitarian, health...) demand collective responses, not just individual ones. The transformations, if they are to come, will not come only by the right attitude of good people in isolation but by a concerted, organized action of groups of people aware of the reality and its threats.

From the Holones project we invite to develop together a journey of discovery, reflection and growth, starting from the small Holon communities, and through 4 dimensions: food sovereignty, community, ecology and spirituality.

What is a community garden for us?

A community of people, who from the common space of the garden, are encouraged to a journey that transcends these territorial limits, and enters in the personal development in community, with a commitment of a social and ecological transformation. Starting with the dimension of food sovereignty as a heritage and common good, to produce their food in a responsible and sustainable way, to build community from these experiences, developing learning among and with peers, to put it at the service of universal values such as mutual aid, solidarity and cooperation.

It is not only about knowing how to do, but to apply the knowledge to contribute to collective improvement and to understand that a journey far better be a shared journey. To radiate from this Holon terroir, through different collective projects both in the Arboretum and in the local community, example and inspiration to promote ecological awareness. And from here to attend to the global. And from these dimensions to strengthen our vital connections, our ecological dimension, our relationship with Gaia, the Earth.

To immerse ourselves in deep ecology, to recognize the fundamental interdependence between all phenomena and the fact that, as individuals and as societies, we are immersed in (and ultimately dependent on) the cyclical processes of nature.

For a transformation to be coherent, there must be a correlation and balance between the outside and the inside. Although this journey began by cultivating our food, in company, connecting with our vital Earth system, it was nothing more than a journey of development and discovery of our inner garden, which at the same time we were fertilizing and sowing, and to which we must continue to look, in order to discover and enhance our nature, our essence. To know who we are, our self-knowledge, which is our wealth and contribution, to contribute in this journey, called Life.

Where we are located

We are located in the Trapiche Norte area of the city of Marbella,
1.5 kilometers from the center of Marbella and 600 meters from the Portillo bus station.

Avenida Diego Jiménez Lima, 51
29602 Marbella

GPS Coordinates
36.522844, -4.888736