Market with values

Último sábado de cada mes.
De 10 a 16 hrs. Zona 2
La plaza Parque Arboretum Marbella.
Productos locales, ecológicos, de temporada,
música y artesania

You will find local producers of organic food and we promote the seasonal product, there are also artisans and local artists.

We offer live music in the middle of organic gardens.

There are other activities such as guided tours of our gardens to learn about the Eutopia project, conducted by the gardeners themselves, talk by one of our producers where they can explain the benefits of their project and the importance of the values that accompany their activity, we also offer other new activities each market day.

Our market is energized by a group of volunteers from the Harmony Community Garden, a project within the Park that you can learn about during your visit.
To create an alternative where the production chain is transparent and where human relations and the community come first.

We want to develop a community of responsible and committed consumers who want to support small LOCAL producers who share FA's values, promoting the strengthening of the connection between responsible food producers and conscious consumers.

MARKET WITH VALUES, a space to experience a different way of being and being different.

We believe that quality products are impossible without the welfare of all beings involved, care for the soil, care for the environment, transparency in business and social responsibility of all human beings involved.

When you visit MERCADO CON VALORES, you will only meet producers who share these values.

We are proud and fortunate to work with people who represent what we believe should be the future of our food.

All of these food "artisans", in our opinion, are an essential and indispensable part of food production, and we are delighted to provide them with a platform to distribute their products and knowledge to the city's public.

One of the intentions behind the market has always been to create a fun and educational experience, so in addition to the stalls, there are workshops, talks and activities happening simultaneously, for our visitors to learn about ecology and connect with the extraordinary experiences of our producers.

This monthly gathering aims to contribute to create community and networks, which will last beyond the market day, fostering direct and continuous relationships between these two actors, conscious producers who care for the land and people, and committed consumers who support them and thus generate a positive change in our society.

For us it is an active commitment towards a common goal, in this case, to create free access to a platform where you can meet local and organic producers, where you can highlight the relationships to our food and can create new customs.
Vegetables and seasonal fruits.
Olives, preserves and olive oil.
Payoya goat cheese and dairy products.
Sausages of the region.
Honey and derivatives.
Preserves and fermented foods.
Wheat sourdough bread of old varieties
Aromatic plants and vegetable seedlings.
Natural cosmetics.
Handicrafts with ceramics, wood, wool, fabrics, paintings, accessories and bijouterie, among others.

Where we are located

We are located in the Trapiche Norte area of the city of Marbella,
1.5 kilometers from the center of Marbella and 600 meters from the Portillo bus station.

Avenida Diego Jiménez Lima, 51
29602 Marbella

GPS Coordinates
36.522844, -4.888736