Meeting of arts and climate

What is myco?

Climate change is sometimes misunderstood as a change in the weather.
In reality, it is about changes in our own way of life.

We are living in unique times for humanity.

We are at the dawn of a transformation of life as we know it on this planet, and although it sounds very drastic, the reality is that this process has already begun, factors such as climate change, extinction of other species and loss of biodiversity, are the pillars of the multiple crises that our economic and social systems are beginning to suffer.

With myco, from the Arboretum Foundation we want to propose an annual meeting that explores aspects of this dilemma, but from the perspective of art. We believe that there is an excess of information, which in many cases stimulates emotional blockages and logical and scientific discourses that do not help us to process the complex immensity we are facing. At the same time, the social atomization in which we live makes us believe that it is something that we have to face individually, making the blockage even greater.

With myco we want to offer a space of encounter and collaboration, where through different artistic disciplines we address these issues in a more creative and communal way, through installations, performance, concerts, talks and workshops...a space that helps us to connect from the heart and magic with this intriguing crossroads we face.


Myco is an independent project funded by the foundation itself and is open to donations
In case you are interested in making a donation to help us make possible future meetings, and make our proposal much richer to the community and the artists, you can make a transfer to our bank account.

IBAN: ES50 1491 0001 2930 0006 8260
Concept: +MYCO

Where we are located

We are located in the Trapiche Norte area of the city of Marbella,
1.5 kilometers from the center of Marbella and 600 meters from the Portillo bus station.

Avenida Diego Jiménez Lima, 51
29602 Marbella

GPS Coordinates
36.522844, -4.888736