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Elena Pedrosa

Elena Pedrosa is a visual artist, journalist, cultural manager, teacher and editor. "I learned to investigate structures to neutralize the armor that hides the essence. The image is for me a tool to think, discover, feel and express."
The water of venus
This work, carried out in the mines of Mazarrón, Murcia, focuses on the devastation of the landscape by human hands, through the dystopian ideation of life on another planet. The poetic reflection is that water remains in the essence of everything that exists. 

Laura Brinkman

He began his introduction to photography while studying psychology. After graduating, he enters the Faculty of Fine Arts, specializing in Audiovisual Communication, in Hamburg. It is there where he begins to broaden his knowledge in the field of photography, breaking away from his previous works. Currently, his works are based on series of photos presented through new media (photo-objects, projections...).
Diptych Alberca -Earth
The observation of a nearby nature is the working space, the starting point of my work and the quarry for materials from which I draw to integrate them directly into the small format diptych-piece composed of a video of the reflection of the water of a pool and seeds, earth or leaves. This same gaze towards the everyday is conducive to the creation of works with a marked protagonism of the footprint.

Rafael Galan

I am a self-taught photographer, I have been working as such for more than 25 years, I have worked in the press for a decade and currently work as a freelance. President and founder of the PhotoEstepona Collective.
The water tree
Work made expressly for this exhibition. Photographs and elements of Nature. The caller tree and water connection, water as a canvas and reflection of the forest.

Nieves Castillo

Founder of MNCE. Graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Seville. Nieves is a multidisciplinary artist, with two great passions which are:
Art,in all its facets and psychology as a tool for personal growth.
Very interested in ecology and very concerned about the planet. She is currently working on a project to create a cultural association and an art studio that will be based at Cenit in Marbella. Writing, painting and photography are her usual ways of expressing herself, mixing the three disciplines.

...The trace of water
Plastic work where I relate the absence of water with the disappearance of life. Where there is water, there is life. As long as there is water, there will be life. Hence the importance of this in our planet.

Carlos Caceres Lavergne

Artwork courtesy of Vesania Art Gallery
...Asphalt, (No dumping)
From the Asphalt series made in Los Angeles (USA) "No Dumping" is a sign to let people know that they should not pour or throw products or things down the sewers, unfortunately due to a collective lack of education and awareness few people take the issue seriously...

Adela Aguilera

Artwork courtesy of Vesania Art Gallery
Water drop
This work was created to symbolize the drought and to raise human awareness about the misuse and waste of water, as well as its consequences. Both we and our planet are composed mostly of water, therefore, it is essential that we learn to value and respect it. Water is a natural good belonging to everyone and for everyone. It is essential for LIFE.

Christophe Pouplard

Christophe Pouplard is a multifaceted naturalist artist: actor, scenographer, scriptwriter, videomaker, environmental technician and ceramist. When he learned about the climate emergency 25 years ago, he decided to involve Nature in all his works, from the staging of the play "The Floating Gardens" in Antwerp in 2002 to his current ceramic works, and creating several urban gardens in Malaga.

H2pOlvo - Performance installation in collaboration with Rafael Atencia

Christophe also collaborates with a clay piece called "the bleached sea".
With climate change, the sea water warms and life disappears. Only the white skeleton of the living past remains.

Rafael Atencia

Rafael Atencia is an Artist who works mostly in the modality of ceramics,Graduated from Saint Martins University of London in Ceramic Design in 2013He has participated in several exhibitions in London Galleries and currently lives in the province of Malaga.

His latest work studies the Entropy, by which everything that has been created returns to its most basic state. 

H2pOlvo - Performance installation Performance installation in collaboration with Christophe Pouplard

Performance and Dance

Meike Schönhütte

Meike Schönhütte is a dancer, choreographer and cultural manager of German origin living in Spain since 1998. The mixture of the body in movement, installation and video art are her instruments of expression.
Graduated in classical dance at the Institut für Bühnentanz, Köln.
She has worked in theaters such as the Friedrichstadtpalast Berlin and the Staatsoper Unter den Linden (Berlin State Opera) to name but a few and in film productions such as "The way of the English" under the direction of Antonio Banderas. As a guest dancer and choreographer she has worked in museums like the "Neue Gemäldegalerie" and the "Museo Thyssen" and has created performance projects in the 90's in alternative spaces like for example the "Tacheles" and other galleries in the Oranienburger Strasse in Berlin and Malaga.
Roots - Performative dance
Roots are a symbol of anchorage, at the same time they are the most flexible and fragile part of a plant. They look for water through sound communication with the earth. Where are my roots?

Gu!atari Saul Wes and Laura Maillo

Gu!atari is formed by Laura Maillo, philosopher and butohka, and Saul Wes, liminal artivist. Their joint practice is defined in terms of improvisation, butoh dance and sound experimentation.

We live in the mouth of an extinct volcano, fertile and with water in the subsoil. We are surrounded by massive avocado plantations that will turn this entire area into a desert wasteland. This piece is the fruit of the act of resistance that means living here, from listening, minimal intervention and austerity.

 Nacho Rejano and Ana Sedeño

Nacho Rejano has a degree in Mathematics and a PhD in Fine Arts and teaches Robotics and Mechanical Sculpture at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Malaga. He collaborates with video and visual artists. He has published the book De las máquinas pintadas a las máquinas que pintan.

Ana Sedeño is Professor in the Department of Audiovisual Communication and Advertising at the University of Malaga (Spain). She is also an audiovisual creator and performer in works such as "Braindancing" (Mills College, October 12, 2018, Oakland, USA) or WrongDance (Krakow, September 25, 2019) or One Dancing: Blue (La Caja Blanca, Malaga, October 1, 2021).

One dancing: water
The body is text positioned as a medium between bodies; body and choreography are a technology for the production of subjectivity. In the piece there is a journey through the specific states/stages of water - Ocean, River, Lake, Whirlpool, Flood - with which to celebrate the element. The visuals will confront the relationships between the concepts of water, mirror and image (camera).


Gachy Rey

To listen to GachyRey is to transmute energy through sound. Her voice is a mixture of feelings that ends up expanding the soul of the listener, the combination of sounds that arise from the depths of her heart makes us travel through unimagined strata and connect us with the most sacred of our being, from experimentation, GachyRey takes us by the hand through her singing and leads us to recognize ourselves in the magic of music. Thanks to the color of his voice, he invites us to feel and explore the path of healing, vibrating in the harmony that our body needs.


Francisco Villalobos

Visual artist, musician and independent researcher, PhD in Fine Arts from the University of Granada. In his work he explores the possibilities of experience linked to the development of different discourses and procedures, the relationship between forms of expression and perception. He is interested in the aspects that converge in a more direct way on the configuration of the personal or community experience: the symbolic, the collective and individual imaginary, cosmovisions, forms of observation and knowledge, mythology, philosophy, hermeneutics, art, comparative religions...
Mnemosine Trilogy (Documentary)
Episode 1/3 "The Encounter" + concert
The "Mnemosine Trilogy" is a work developed in the context of the European project Mnemosine, seed material and initial stimulus for the creative development of each of the participants. Composed of three medium-length films: The encounter (first part), The songs (second) and The eye (third)...

And an acoustic concert inspired by water.


José Carlos de Isla, Paco Ortiz (Sarao Films)

Paco OrtizDirector of the documentary Historias del agua, born in Huelva in 1978. Graduated in Audiovisual Communication from the University of Seville, film director and TV producer,
Historias del agua (Documentary)
A journey from east to west, crossing the south of Spain from the source of the Guadalquivir to its mouth, serves as the backbone of this documentary that seeks stories related to water, flora and fauna, traditions and festivals, trades, economy, architecture, sports and history and how to live without water, with water, by, for, on, under and from the water, and its people, who together with the landscape, are the true protagonists of this audiovisual diary.

A/V experimentation


CaraduSanto's creations are a journey full of ups and downs where the subdued sounds progressively move to more deafening ones. In his music you can notice the influence of his time as a singer and guitarist in hardcore bands, the oscillators sound like sharp guitars screaming in dark nights. The music always accompanies him in the downcast moments of life with which he creates something beautiful from its depths.

Agua Amarga - Live Modular

The Lacemaker - Luis Lablanca

The Lacemaker has configured an atypical and more than personal profile thanks to his training and experiences in the field of graphic, plastic and performing arts, sound and artistic collectives, ecological and environmental awareness, participating in festivals and exhibitions of various disciplines.

Without a fixed methodology, guided by instinct, chaos and creative impulse. Co-creator and partner of the collective Oigovisiones for more than a decade. His work is based on the observation of the cycles of life and existence itself, of territory and memory. Of nature and its processes, listening, feeling and integrating while walking immersed in it. He treats each project with artisanal care, bringing a new vision, avoiding the gratuitous, taking care of the detail and finish of his pieces. Generating a discourse, weaving a dialogue between materials of natural origin that he collects himself, and industrial materials that he uses for his pieces, sharing and proposing a space for reflection on the emergency and climate change, the natural impact and the footprint left by humans.

Researcher of frequencies and vibrations of nature, he explores the origin and purity of the sounds that surround us through contact microphones, field recordings and capturing environments, creating soundscapes that inhabit and move between experimental, noise, dark, drone, ambient and improvisation.
- NQH2O -
This piece is born from the need for water, from the scarcity caused by the destruction and control exercised by human hands over nature, by consumption and the lust for power, playing gods, deciding for us, negotiating and rationing vital supplies for life due to their dastardly and selfish interests.

"I live in a wildly natural environment, where life overflows, where water flows through waterfalls, pools and streams from a spring, where a Roman aqueduct, through a conduction system, as if it were arteries, redirects the flow that flows into a beautiful ditch that is the main source of life in the village. In addition to the lack of much needed rainfall, in the months prior to summer, during the same and almost until early autumn, those responsible for opening or closing the tap, decide to close it and divert it to other towns in the area for the consumption of the massive tourism that comes to enjoy their vacations, at the expense of leaving us without water to those who live and care for the environment so they can enjoy it and share it on the networks with the hashtag #aquisufriendo, ironies of life."

Teslaradio - Chinowski Garachana

Since the 90's he has developed an intense and committed activity as a sound artivist through electronic exploration.
Professor of sonovisual media in several universities and art centers in the state. He participates and curates meetings, festivals and artistic calls generally related to the territory and its spatial, sonic and social dimensions.
He was a member of the free culture area of La Casa Invisible and the creation of its Medialab. He has curated the NoLaptop Fest for a decade and is currently a member of the collectives Transdisciplina and El Sueño de Tesla. He has collaborated in the aural projects Radiolibre, Locus Sonus, Sonic Terrain, Green Field Recordings, La Escucha Atenta, Radio Aporee, the RRS of MNCARS, World Listening Day, Educación y Escucha Activa and Andalucía Soundscape. Bajo Teslaradio has released five physical works in the last five years, in March 2022 he published the Trilogy "Grains" with Oigovisiones Label / Sevendipia Records and Toroide.

For myco 01 Chinowski collaborates with the collective "Children of compost" in the creation of the project Plantae.

He will also give a sound Lab and introduction to EcoAcoustics together with Ysabel Torralbo.

Ignacio Bejar

Multi-instrumentalist, composer, therapist and healer through music, producer, cultural promoter, creator of cultural spaces.
For myco 01 Ignacio collaborates with the collective "Children of compost" in the creation of the Plantae project.

Children of Compost - Emilio Mula

Videographer, animator, visual artist and founder of the Children of Compost collective based in southern England, his recent years have been spent exploring some aspects of generative art and ways of using data and sensors as a resource to create audiovisual installations.Children of Compost aims to create collaborations and partnerships with artists and scientists from different disciplines to create artistic experiences that can help to understand and engage with the complex and rapid changes that our planet and we as a species are undergoing.

Children of compost
is a collaboration with the artists Ignacio Bejar and Andres Garachana, an Audio visual exploration based on the capture of the pulse of plants with biosensors.

He will also give the workshop "The water cycle" (in collaboration with Gachi Rey) with experiential dynamics and an introduction to the use of biosensors

And also participates with the installation" T'uyuy " a reflection on scarcity and social differences.