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The first community seed bank
in Marbella.

Seeds have been the sustenance of human life on the planet sincea few thousand years ago, when our species began to grow their food. During all this time, many people in many places have been busy saving the best seeds, in order to have the best food for their families. Traditionally, in thousands of communities, it has been the woman who has been in charge of caring for and improving this legacy that is the seed.

To keep seeds free is to take care of humanity.
In the new SEED BANK, its fundamental mission is to preserve and reproduce local varieties and among them the old ones, as they are species very well adapted to local climate conditions. The objective is to first offer Eutopia gardeners a great biodiversity of crops for each season.

The idea is to preserve the genetic base of the fundamental crops on the household table. We have already started with this task that has no end, only a beginning and it is now. The GUARDIANS OF LOCAL BIODIVERSITY , is a group of gardeners of the Eutopia project, who use part of their gardens to promote the horticultural species that we are interested in preserving and seeds are extracted each year to enrich the seed bank.

Some projects that inspire us in the creation of this seed bank, is the Seed Freedom movement (Semillas de Libertad in Spanish) born in 2012, created by the activist Vandana Shiva, co-founder in turn of Navdania ("Nine seeds" in Hindi), is an international NGO working in the social field since 1984, and have improved, instructed and (as in our own case), inspired other people (especially farmers in third world countries).
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Where we are located

We are located in the Trapiche Norte area of the city of Marbella,
1.5 kilometers from the center of Marbella and 600 meters from the Portillo bus station.

Avenida Diego Jiménez Lima, 51
29602 Marbella

GPS Coordinates
36.522844, -4.888736